Hospice and Palliative Care News & Clinical Findings for Physicians

Palliative Care News and Clinical Findings for Physicians

Hospice Matters for Physicians” is a complimentary publication provided by St. Joseph Hospice that offers the latest clinical findings and news related to serious illness and palliative care. This quarterly publication allows physicians and other healthcare providers to remain abreast of the current studies from highly regarded medical journals including the Journal of the American Medical Association, Journal of Internal Medicine, and New England Journal of Medicine. 

Hospice Matters for Physicians February 2020

  • New Trend: More Americans Now Dying at Home Than in the Hospital
  • Surgeons, Palliative Experts Calls for ‘Do-Not-Operate’ Option in Medical Orders
  • More than 15% of ICU Admissions May Be Preventable, National Study Finds
  • Middle-Aged Americans Pursue Uninformed Dementia Prevention, Rarely Consult Their Physicians
  • Majority of Blood Cancer Physicians Discuss Prognosis, Often Using General Terms and Not Always Revisiting as Disease Progresses
  • Risk Model Including Functional Impairments Predicts Six-Month Post-AMI Mortality for Older Adults.

Hospice Matters for Physicians November 2019

  • Skilled Communication with Seriously Ill Patients is Both Crucial and Learnable, Experts Say
  • Bereaved Families of Kidney Disease Patients Rate Care Higher When Palliative Care and Hospice Are Involved
  • Patients and Oncologist Afree Less Than Two-Thirds of the Time About Goals of Treatment and Adverse Effects
  • New Risks Scores Predict Mortality, Need for Palliative Care in Pulmonary Patients
  • Medicare Hospice Use Continues to Grow, But Short Stays Remain a Concern

Hospice Matters for Physicians August 2019

  • Minimal Knowledge of Palliative Care Among U.S. Adults Highlights Need to Raise Public Awareness
  • Heart Disease Patients More Likely to Be Referred to Palliative Care by Generalist Than Cardiologist
  • Medicare Community-Dwelling Older Adults with Dementia Have HIgher Symptom Burden Than Others in Last Year of Life
  • Intervention Found to Improve Oncologist’ Serious Illness Communication While Lowering Patient Anxiety
  • Free Dementia Care Toolkit Helps Clinicians Support Patients and Their Caregivers

Hospice Matters for Physicians May 2019

  • Patients Less Likely to Receive Palliative Care at Minority-Serving Hospitals, Regardless of Race/Ethnicity
  • ‘Neuropalliative Care:’ Neurologists Offered Practical Tips for Provision of Primary Palliative Care
  • Unmet Needs, Opportunities to Introduce Palliative Care Identified for ESDR Amputees
  • Polypharmacy Linked to Significant Decrease in Quality of Life for Patients with Life-Limiting Illness
  • Patients’ Top Hope for Advanced Cancer Treatment: Quality of Life
  • Experts Recommend a ‘Softened Approach’ to Discussing Prognosis

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