Educational Videos


Respite Care in The Carpenter House

Choosing up to five days of respite care for your hospice patient at The Carpenter House allows the caregiver time to recharge so that they are better able to care for their loved ones.  Watch this quick minute-long video to learn more.


HighTouch HomeCare

Traditional home health providers offer a single level of care where chronic patients often end up back in an acute care setting. STAT Home Health offers 3 levels of care designed to blanket the patient with symptom control measures at no additional cost.


Advanced Supportive Care

A program of Homedica HouseCalls in Mississippi and Alabama to provide palliative care in the home setting for patients who are facing a terminal diagnosis and are in need of additional care, but may not yet be quite ready for hospice care.


Hospice - What to Expect

Watch this short video as an introduction to hospice care with St. Joseph Hospice.


Home Health - What to Expect

Watch this short video as an introduction to home health care with STAT Home Health.


Homedica HouseCalls

Watch this introduction video for Homedica HouseCalls.

What is the AIM Program?

Watch this short video as an introduction to the AIM Palliative Home Health program through STAT Home Health.


Regain Memory 360 Program

The Regain Memory 360 program at STAT Home Health is an innovative way to help patients improve their memory.  Watch the video for more details.