AIM Palliative Home Health

AIM Palliative Home Health is your hospice alternative. AIM is a unique program offered by STAT Home Health in partnership with St. Joseph Hospice that provides in-home palliative care for patients facing terminal illnesses, who wish to continue actively fighting an illness, even during late phases that require interventional pain management. Palliative home health is shown to help extend life and quality of life, as shown in this article from the New England Journal of Medicine.

Our team is able to transition with our patients if and when they choose hospice, giving them peace of mind knowing their caregivers are always by their sides and often do not change as they transition from one stage of care to another (e.g. from AIM Palliative Home Health to St. Joseph Hospice).

AIM Palliative Home Health offers patients,

  • Expert care and pain management for symptoms associated with terminal illnesses
  • Social services support
  • Emotional and spiritual support
  • Treatment strategy and guidance
  • Support for family and friends

The AIM Palliative Home Health team serves patients in southeast Texas and throughout Louisiana.

We Can Help

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