Steve White - Chief Administrative Officer

Steve White

Chief Administrative Officer

Steve White serves as the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for The Carpenter Health Network. In his role, he reports to the President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and supports the President/CEO’s strategic vision, strategic execution, initiatives, and priorities in all facets of business operations. The Chief Administrative Officer oversees executive leadership and helps implement significant President/CEO’s initiatives, providing support and prioritizing business tactics to improve productivity and stream company initiatives. The Chief Administrative Officer also monitors organization performance while continually seeking to identify ways to cut costs and improve performance to meet the organization’s goals as strategically set by the President/CEO.

Steve’s education includes a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from Louisiana Tech, and Executive Management Certificates from Rice University in Houston, Stanford University in Palo Alto, Wharton School of Business in Buch, Germany.

His work experience includes 27 years at DHL Worldwide Express in executive management roles, President at Milliard Refrigeration Logistics, previous Chief Operating Officer (COO) at St. Joseph Holdings, and Business Manager of William A Robinson Trust.

He currently serves on B1 Bank Board of Directors including Chairmen of Governance and Nominating Committee, and on the Board Audit Committee. He also currently serves as Chairman of the Board of William A Robinson Foundation.

“It is an honor to have been selected as the Chief Administrative Officer for The Carpenter Health Network,” Steve states. “During my first several weeks, the most impressive things I have witnessed are the level of commitment from all employees toward quality care, the cutting-edge approach toward running the business and the teamwork that is evident in every location I have visited. My commitment is to work hard to continue to foster innovation, teamwork, and quality in everything we do for our patients, their families, and our employees. It is great to be back at The Carpenter Health Network!”